School Facts

Ceres High School was originally created in 1908 and has been housed on the current campus since 1938.


Ceres High School has been home to the bulldogs for over 100 years.


In 2007 Ceres High School received a multi-million dollar modernization that gave the campus a brand new look.  With the complete overhaul of the large gym, construction of new classrooms, renovation of the administration offices, major upgrades to the student cafeteria, modernization and air conditioning of the small gym and overall campus improvements, Ceres High School began a new era with a whole new look.


The modernization of the Phil de la Porte Gymnasium included; new bleachers, new lighting, upgraded electrical, resurfaced floors, replacement of ceiling materials, refurbished rest room facilities, and a new air conditioning system.  Students, families and the community will enjoy this newly renovated gymnasium for many years to come.  The Ceres High School Bulldogs are proud to have this gym as a place to call home.    


The Ceres High School Quad received a $4 million dollar overhaul with the renovation of the student amphitheater, the tennis courts, swimming pool and parking lot.


The Bulldog spirit is now a prevalent fixture in the landscape of the Ceres High campus, with new signs and graphic designs depicting the school’s mascot throughout the school. 


Students also enjoy the new Bulldog Cafe, as part of the renovated student center.  This student eatery provides a variety of foods and snacks appealing to high school students.  The student center also features a new sound system, new floor and new round tables and chairs suitable for secondary students.


Ceres High School also received a $6 million dollar facilities grant to overhaul the old shop buildings.  As of 2009, the State matched their share of the funding which allowed Ceres High School to completely renovate two of the three shops into state-of-the-art welding and manufacturing training facilities.  


In 2011, Ceres High School expanded its campus to include an additional classroom wing that houses seven addi¬≠tional instructional classrooms.  This building is located on the west side of the student parking lot, just behind the pool area. This permanent building is yet another example of the commitment of Ceres Unified to eliminate portable class¬≠room spaces and build long-lasting structures for students and staff to use for many years to come.

Currently the enrollment at Ceres High School is 1,768.




Ceres High School is a tobacco free school. 


Ceres High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.