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Dress And Grooming


E 5132 



K-12 Dress Code


The parents/guardians of the Ceres Unified School District are charged with the responsibility of dressing their children in a neat and clean manner. In addition, under normal circumstances, no student will be sent to school wearing any kind of clothing, costume, and/or hair style which will tend to interrupt, disturb, or interfere with the normal educational program being carried on, either on the campus or in the classroom, or negatively affect the health and safety of individuals. The students must dress in such manner that will conform to good taste. Explicit or implied profanities and/or obscenities will not be acceptable. Any items of clothing, jewelry, footgear, or headgear which would be injurious or potentially disruptive to the normal educational program or to any person or school district property are prohibited.

  1. All clothing, and accessories that contain gang related colors are not allowed. Attire that is worn or altered in such a way as to identify students with gangs is not allowed. 


  2. Attire which is sexually suggestive or extremely brief is not allowed. 

  3. Attire that advocates, advertises or symbolizes any type of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or acts which are illegal, violent, obscene, or hazardous to one's health is not allowed.


version:  June 28, 2006           Ceres, California

revised:  May 10, 2012

revised:  December 10, 2015

revised:  December 10, 2020